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Study & Paid Work in Hospitality & Catering


  • Help getting National Insurance Number
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  • Help opening bank account
  • Help registering with a local doctor

Study & Paid Work in Hospitality & Catering

The next term will start on Monday 26th March 2018.

This programme has been especially created for candidates who are seeking to improve their English and to gain work experience in the UK hospitality industry.

The programme is ideal for students who would like to enter the hospitality field, but don’t have any experience or confidence in their spoken English.

The structure of the programme is based on a minimum of 8 weeks study, unpaid work experience, (whilst studying) followed by a minimum of 6 months paid work in the Catering and Hospitality sector in UK.

The Course

It entails a general English course + hospitality. There are 10 lessons per week, Monday to Friday, 2 lessons a day. The lessons can either be in the morning or in the afternoon. Each Lesson is 50 minutes in duration.

During the 8 weeks of study, the course will focus mainly on the student’s spoken English, as relevant to the hospitality field. The maximum class size is 8 at Flex Academy, therefore the students can expect individual attention from the teacher.

The course is suitable for pre and mid intermediate students.

The Work Placement

1 - Unpaid Work Experience – 7 weeks

This part of the scheme will run in parallel to the study period. The students will have their first work experience in the local hotels in Bournemouth, 1 week after commencement of the course.

The aim of this unpaid work placement is to introduce the students to the hospitality field, in order to gain both training and relevant/marketable experience.

2 - Paid work experience – Min. 6 months.

After 7 weeks training, the students will start their paid work, 1 week after the course has finished.

The students will get a minimum hourly rate and will normally work between 30 – 40 hours a week.

A full time employee, who works 39 hours per week, will earn around a minimum of £240 before tax each week.

The work placement could be anywhere in the UK. The candidate will be informed of the location of their work placement before the completion of their English course. Some employers may provide accommodation and the cost of this will be deducted from the candidate’s wages. If the employers do not provide accommodation, the candidate will be responsible for finding their own. However, Flex Academy would be happy to give assistance in finding accommodation, if required.

Flex Academy has very good connections with the international hotel chains, as well as with restaurants, particularly in Bournemouth area.

For ambitious candidates, this program could offer a very successful gateway to a career in the hospitality industry.

The Requirements

The students must be age 18+ and have a pre intermediate level English.

Experience in the catering and hospitality field is not essential, as full training can be given by the employer during the unpaid work placement.

The programme fee: £490.

The programme fee includes: an 8 week English course (10 lessons a week), unpaid & paid work placements, free consultation during the study period, including advice on how to acquire a National insurance number, help to find accommodation, assistance with opening a bank account and registering with a local doctor’s surgery, continued support during the period of paid employment.

The Support

Flex Academy will support the candidates from registration, right through to completion of the programme. During this time, the candidate can contact our dedicated consultant at any time, with any questions or problems.

Flex Academy will also help the candidate obtain a National Insurance number, open a bank account and register with a local doctor’s surgery.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please fill in our online request form below and our consultant will contact you shortly.

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