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Flex Academy // General English Course

General English Course

10 Lessons £50 per week

15 Lessons £75 per week

Maximum 8 students

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Flex Academy // IELTS Exam Preparation Course

IELTS Exam Course

6 Lessons per week

12 weeks is £480

Maximum 8 students

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Flex Academy // Summer Programme 2017

Summer Programme 2017

10 lessons £50 per week

15 lessons £75 per week

20 lessons £95 per week

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Flex Academy // Study + Unpaid Work

Study + Unpaid Work

Improve your English

Have a UK work experience

Build your confidence

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Flex Academy // Conversation Club

Conversation Club

8 Lessons £32 per week

10 Lessons £40 per week

Maximum 8 students

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Flex Academy // Study + Paid Work Hospitality

Study + Paid Work in Hospitality

Improve your English

Gain experience

Earn Money

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24 weeks General English Course

10 lessons - £990 (max. 8 students)

15 lessons - £1,300 (max.8 students)

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How to Apply

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